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The Beginning

“Never be yourself if you can make yourself into something better… You are what you do.

But most of us are not the best in the world…at any particular skill… If this describes you, …pick up new skills.” Scott Adams, author of Loserthink

Learn to be a better writer. Practice and ask for help. The positive feedback you receive will generate much confidence.

Break down a big writing task into tiny steps.

If you are struggling for topic ideas or where to look for content, say to yourself, “I don’t know how to do that but I can figure it out!”

When drafting an essay or other long document, create a compelling introduction. Capture the attention of your audience within the first paragraph.

Details and data can be boring. Incorporate striking adjectives and action verbs into your sentences. Give your reader cause to continue following your prose.

To quote a friend, "The only thing better than reading is writing!"

I’m here for you. Contact me for a free “Scribble Session” at

Until next time, happy writing,


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