Certified Paralegal, Educator, Copyeditor, Writing Coach, Author

Hello, and welcome to my website. 

I have been a paralegal since 1999 and became a certified paralegal in 2017. My work experience has been in real estate and intellectual property law. I developed a passion for trademarks and brand protection while working for an international non-profit for several years. I’m now grateful to be working in a virtual environment and helping students and clients alike with their unique writing projects.

As a member of The George Washington University College of Professional Studies faculty, paralegal students depend on my critical thinking and writing skills. I enthusiastically teach and support my students in their efforts to achieve their career goals with a focus on best practices for written communication. One might consider me a grammar and punctuation nerd!

Perhaps my most favorite role is serving as a writing coach and mentor. I pride myself on building lasting relationships with my clients and students. During any given semester, I am serving as a writing advisor to graduates drafting a thesis and completing their independent research papers. Encouraging those students just beginning their degree process or those seeking their first paralegal position is also exciting and rewarding. 

I maintain expertise in my subject areas by completing annual professional development and continued learning education (CLE) requirements. I am an active member of the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) and a moderator for Intellectual Property with Perfectly Paralegal® online. I am a regular contributor to NALA’s Facts & Findings magazine and to the Paralegals Connect Newsletter.

I’m glad you’re here and look forward to your feedback. Let me know how I may help you with your writing.

Jackie Van Dyke, MPS, CP®

Certified Paralegal

Professor of Paralegal Studies

Copyeditor and Writing Coach

Email: jvandykeparalegalwriter@gmail.com


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